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A window on Main Street.  We know!  The Autumn breeze is in the air.

A window on Main Street. We know! The Autumn breeze is in the air.

You just had to step out of bed this morning to know that it’s true, autumn is looming. I am not ready to pack away the long breezy sundresses that I have come to be my spring summer uniforms just yet. I am not ready to put on long encumbering pants or toe covering shoes again either. And I am definitely not ready to carry around or to wear a sweater! But the cool breeze that encapsulated the air this morning was clearly disinterested in what I wanted.

This morning, I had to admit it. It’s tunic time. Climbing out of bed in my Nancy Kerrigan skating ensemble-esque nightshirt, I immediately warmed myself with a long sleeved tunic and put on sleep pants. (Gotta try to still feel cute, right)? Darn it. It’s cold! I can’t act like I didn’t see this coming though. I recently called home and asked a friend to send some autumn clothes thus keeping me out of the many stores on Main Street that have been obnoxiously hinting that this change was coming. And while I am happy that I heeded the warning, I, like many others who are living near the water don’t want to bundle up just yet.

There are major upsides to the seasonal change occurring when one is living on this island of course. At the risk of sounding completely schizophrenic, there are the sweaters! Yummy, delicious cozy sweaters. And of course there are soups and on Nantucket, chowders! There ‘s no longer feeling completely anemic on the beach when wrapped in blankets because…everyone’s wrapped up! There’s autumn sunsets and my favorite thing, a warm cup of tea and cozy blanket at night.

Okay. I guess I’m mostly ready now. But if it a heat wave comes, I will be writing this all over again because this girl loves to be warm and really? Pants? Already?