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Cape Cod Potato Chips at Provisions ~ Nantucket, MA

Cape Cod Potato Chips at Provisions ~ Nantucket, MA

While the past few days have been packed full with exciting, new and wonderful events, as well as some strong leaps forward in the writing that I am here to do, all I can seem to think of at this moment is the crunch of Cape Cod Potato Chips. I don’t know if that’s because I am hungry or because I feel strongly that these may be the best chips on earth, but I can’t get them off of my mind. The company calls them “ridiculously good chips” and I have to agree. Being on the same island with them is like living in a state of constant torment.  Growing up on Long Island where potato chips are considered good only if they can hold up to the many dips that we love or of they can still be detected after being crushed inside of a sandwich or a cream cheese bagel, I wonder what would have happened if these bad boys had ever found their way into my families cupboard. They were always considered pricy, imported perhaps, so this was never an issue.

Make no mistake though, this is not the first time I have sampled these crispy wonders, it’s just the first time that I managed to put the whole picture together. For someone who doesn’t eat much junk food, I finally understand why like an addict, I am now consumed with where and when I will be purchasing the next bag. When I was a child we would visit my aunt on Cape Cod. She always had a bag of these perfectly prepared potatoes ready with deliciously cold onion dip. We weren’t allowed to eat chips and dip unless it was considered a special occasion back then. So imagine if you will, the joy running through my little eight-year-old body when I found out that every day is a special occasion on Cape Cod! Recently, I spent some time in Prague and every few days the master puppeteer that I was studying under would put a bowl of potato chips on the table. Oh sweet heaven I would beg for them to be moved out of my reach because that taste was so familiar and oh so satisfying.  What is it about Kettle Chips?

Now back on The Cape, just a few days ago, I treated myself to a bag of Cape Cod Potato Chips recalling how much I loved them as a child. I thought the bag would last me at least the week. Instead, I found out that I was the only weak thing happening concerning that bag of chips. I ate the entire giant bag in one sitting watching a movie that I don’t even vaguely recall. What I do remember are those delicious chips. The satisfying crunch, the delicious taste of salted cooked potatoes and how equally full and depressed I was when I hit the bottom of the bag.  Next time, I’ll have to buy the small bag.