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A beautiful Nantucket walking trail.

A beautiful Nantucket walking trail.

On Saturday a local that I have come to know took me on a bike tour of Nantucket on the way to the ocean. Living on the harbor side of the island and not having biked a good deal, I was apprehensive and excited. The ride was beautiful, hilly, rustic, suburban, historic and new. I learned a lot, saw a lot and felt a lot. Mainly what I felt physically was in my arse, but I don’t think that one is supposed to put that down in writing. (Sorry Mom).

I have never ridden on a rustic bike trail before and as we rode a million movies rushed through head. I kept giggling to myself about how I had always known that I would love biking through the trees and down various hills and paths but had chickened out for reasons I prefer not to commit to a blog. Some of the old paths took us through heavily vegetated areas. I’ve been reading a lot about elephants and how they create pathways through the forest for travel. Many are ancient paths that they continue to maintain. It occurred to me how humans do the same and have for eternity and how being an urban/suburban gal myself; these traditional routes of transports had never really registered much to me.  Perhaps I’ve thought about it when hiking, but clearly I had not thought about it extensively.

Now more acquainted with this stunning way of travel, I am eager to get back on the bike (with a more comfortable seat please) and learn how to use my gears and read a bike map. (It’s not that easy – or at least not for me).   I have one more week on the island and I can’t wait to see where else my bike takes me.