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The screen door to my cottage at NISDA.

The screen door to my cottage at NISDA. Le Coupe!

Screen doors are awesome! Yep. I know that this is a dorky thing to say and I stand by it. Since spending time on Nantucket, I have become officially obsessed with screen doors, especially the old squeaky wooden ones. Of all of the things that I will miss when I go back to my apartment in Brooklyn, the screen door on my cottage (a.k.a. “le Coupe” as I lovingly refer to it) will easily be among the top ten.

My apartment has two beautiful drafty old French-feeling paned windows that open out and let the bugs in. And, with the exception of one major bug bite assault that I endured one evening, I don’t mind it. My windows make me feel European. They bring a cozy yet sophisticated feeling to my small studio that I really love. On top of that, they bring light, lots and lots of light. The screen door that I am currently enjoying in “le Coupe” has brought this lifestyle choice, letting the outside in, to an all-new level. This is in part because the screen has a large slash in it allowing the flies that one intends to keep out with such a door, in. Consequently, I just leave it open. The result? Air. Light. Nature. I love it.

Doubtful that I will ever be “the cat lady” or “the crazy lady” I am seriously considering becoming the “Screen Door Lady”. As it stands now, when you enter my apartment, there is a place to put your shoes and next to that a small table under an old mirror both of which are family heirlooms. On top of the table there is a tray for mail and keys and two small glass jars; one with mints and the other candy. My friends call it the “courtesy bar”. And, with the amount of traffic that often comes in and out of my little white castle in the sky, why not have a little convenience station for folks? In the summer, there is sun block in the basket beneath the table and in the winter lotion. The basket is nestled in the bench that lives under the table so that one can easily put their shoes on. Compact city living that makes life convenient for me as well as guests. So, why not add a screen door I ask? When people arrive, they can just stand outside and call in to me like they do here on Nantucket. “Hellooooo”. And I’ll get a cross breeze! Of course it will be a unique amalgam of the warm dank air from the summer streets in Brooklyn with the scent of onions and bacon combined with stale cigarettes, a very particular aroma that often envelopes the hallway in my apartment building, mixing haring harmoniously in my living room…

Okay, so maybe a screen a door on an apartment that opens into a hallway isn’t the best idea. Particularly when the guy across the hall often keeps his door open. But one thing is for sure, I will be missing the sound of the old wooden screen door on the cottage that I called mine for my short stay on this island, and I will look forward to the day when I can install one in the entry to a dwelling that I own. It will be simple, comforting and warm, just how I like my homes. For now, if you come to visit me in my NYC apartment, please excuse the quiet squeaking sound that may escape my mouth as I open the door to greet you. While I am undoubtedly happy to see you back in the city, mentally, I still live at the beach.